Emile Carbone visits the research group experimental physics V

On Oktober 25th, 2019, Dr. Emile Carbone from the Max-Planck institute for plasma physics in Garching, Germany, is going to visit the research group of Prof. Czarnetzki. Dr. Carbone is research group leader of the group Plasma for Gas Conversion and is invited to the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum in the framework of the CRC 1316. Moreover, he is going to have a seminar talk at experimental physics V about "CO2 dissociation by microwave plasmas: prospects and challenges" at 10:15 in NB 5/158. Everyone who is interested is welcome to join!

Public Outreach

Cosmology explained in a television program

Prof. Hildebrandt was guest in a television program and explained cosmology. Moreover, he pointed out the importance of basic research. The full episode of the television program "Planet Wissen" can be found here.


Plathinium conference in Antibes

Several projects from the Coordinated Research Centers CRC 1316 and SFB-TR 87 presented their research at the 1st Plathinium Conference (September 16th until September 20th) in Antibes. This conference is a newly combined meeting of the former French vacuum congress, the French assembly on magnetron sputtering and thin films as well as the French conference on ion beam techniques. The PhD students Sascha Monje-Thiemann, Julian Held and Dennis Engels presented their work on low pressure magnetized plasmas in the poster session. Christian Hoppe gave an oral contribution on defects in SiOx coatings. Achim von Keudell presented a plenary lecture on atmospheric pressure plasma chemistry and contributed with a tutorial on fundamentals of plasmas to a workshop preceding the meeting. Achim von Keudell was also elected to become the chair of the 2nd Plathinium conference in 2021.


ALD conference in Seattle

The 19th Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition took place from 21st until 24th July in Seattle. Two groups from the RD Plasma joined the conference namely Prof. Devi from inorganic materials chemistry as well as researchers from theoretical electrical engineering. With six oral and numerous poster presentations, the conference was a great success for the members of the RD Plasma.

The photo shows Prof. Devi with her group at the conference site.


Prof. Satoshi Hamaguchi visits RUB

Next week, from September 9th on, Prof. Hamaguchi from Osaka university is going to visit the RUB. He is Merator fellow of the SFB 1316 and stays for three weeks until September 27th.

Moreover, Prof. Hamaguchi and his JSPS Core-to-Core program, the exchange between Japanese and German scientists, was approved. This means that following his visit here, more students will go to Osaka university in the near future as well as the RUB will welcome Japanese students within the exchange program.

Research activities

First (V)UV-double-monochromator calibration measurements at AG Benedikt in Kiel

To achieve a relative intensity calibration of a (V)UV-monochromator, the use of the double monochromator method is common. Two monochromators work in tandem and the difference in the spectrum from a stable light source of the first monochromator through the second monochromator is utilized to obtain a relative intensity calibration. From July 8th until July 12th, Beatrix Biskup from project B2 of the SFB-TR 87, stayed at the university in Kiel to achieved the monochromator calibration.

The monochromator from Bochum was transported beforehand to the AG Benedikt at CAU (Christian-Albrechts-University) in Kiel. The technical staff made all the preparations necessary for the monochromators from Bochum and Kiel to work together in tandem. Together with Dr. Judith Golda and Prof. Dr. Jan Benedikt in Kiel, Beatrix Biskup did the first test measurements, which could be successfully accomplished. A further cooperation with the research group will be executed in future.

Public relations

Plasma barbeque 2019

On Wednesday July 3rd, the annual Plasma barbeque took place at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum. Students from the physics faculty as well as from the electrical engineering could meet PhD students from both faculties and inform themselves about plasma studies in a pleasant atmosphere.


Successfull contributions at the 10th HIPIMS conference in Braunschweig

Three members of the SFB-TR87 (EPII) attended the joined Conference on Sputter Technology and on High Power Impulse Magentron Sputtering (HiPIMS) in Braunschweig, June 19-20. This edition of the annual conference was the 10th edition of the international conference on HiPIMS, for the first time combined with the International Conference on Sputter Technology. 
The two day conference featured an international audience from both industry and science. 
Two posters were presented on recent work of the SFB-TR87 concerning the ion beam experiment of the project C7 and the research of project A5 on ion transport in HiPIMS. Julian Held (A5) recieved the young scientist award for the best poster in the category HiPIMS for his contribution "Experimental and computational study of titanium ion movement in the target region of HiPIMS".

Next years HiPIMS conference will be held in Sheffield, UK.