Research Data Management

2nd Workshop on FAIR data in Plasma Science

We are happy to announce the second workshop on research data management in Plasma Science. NP, CAU and RUB are now organizing the 2nd Workshop on FAIR Data in Plasma Science, which will take place from May 3-4, 2023 at the Event Center at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum, see also 

The workshop is aimed at researchers at different stages for exchange on the topic of data management. Topics of the workshop are electronic lab journals, practical questions in the daily handling of research data management systems as well as the presentation of already established solutions. In addition, an interactive part is planned, which will deal with the question of how to get standards into the laboratory. Here, all participants are invited to contribute their ideas and your practical expertise.



25th International Plasma School

From 01 October to 6 October the Plasma School took place again in Bad Honnef. In the 25th edition, 69 students from 13 countries were able to expand their knowledge of plasma physics and plasma technology at the Physics Center. Subsequently, the Master Class started on October 7, this year on the topic of electric propulsion.
The local organization of the plasma school by the Research Department was supported this year by the international chairmen Jan Benedikt and Holger Kersten from CAU Kiel.


GREMI visit of Judith Golda, Laura Chauvet and Daniel Henze

From 18 July to 29 July, Jun.-Prof. Judith Golda, Dr. Laura Chauvet and Daniel Henze from the CRC 1316 were guests in the laboratory of Prof. Claire Douat at the GREMI in Orléans. In a joint measurement campaign, two different atmospheric pressure plasma jets were being tested. They measured the production of CO at different operating conditions with a gas analyser.

This trip was funded by the DAAD as part of a PROCOPE project to improve cooperation between RUB and GREMI.


French guests at PIP

Within the frame of the PROCOPE project, Claire Douat and Eloise Mestre from GREMI in Orléans, France, visit the Bochum lab of Jun.-Prof. Judith Golda. The research stay takes place between May 8 until May 22 to study the effect of plasma-produced CO on cells.

PROCOPE is a DAAD funded project to enhance the cooperation between RUB and GREMI.

Research funding

FOR 5409 "Structure-preserving numerical methods for volume and transition coupling of heterogeneous models" approved

The DFG has approved nine research groups for funding. To one of those, the FOR 5409, PIs Prof. Grauer and Dr. Dreher of the Research Department plasmas with complex interactions contribute.

The research group "Structure-preserving numerical methods for volume and transition coupling of heterogeneous models" conducts research on the modeling and simulation of coupled systems to describe magnetized plasmas, complex fluids, and electrochemical processes. In coupled systems, multiple processes are considered in the same region of a selected physical domain (volume coupling) or mathematical models used in different parts of a domain are combined at common boundaries (transition coupling). The goal is to develop efficient numerical methods that guarantee important structural properties of the underlying continuous models and to implement them on high-performance computers.

The chair TP I from RUB is involved with three (of nine) projects:

Project A2 (Rainer Grauer, RUB): Coupling the two-fluid/Maxwell system to Magnetohydrodynamics/Ohm's law
Project A3 (Jürgen Dreher, RUB): Adaptivity in Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology
Project B2 (Rainer Grauer, RUB and Christiane Helzel, HHU): An Active Flux Method for the Vlasov/Maxwell System

Congratulations to the PIs for this success!