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Continuous exchange between Bochum and GREMI laboratory

The DAAD exchange program (part of a PROCOPE project) between Prof. Judith Golda from Ruhr University Bochum and Prof. Claire Douat from GREMI allowed several exchange visits between both groups. The exchange focuses on the study of the role of CO in the treatment of biological substrates.

Cold atmospheric pressure plasmas could provide a well-controlled local source of small-dose CO that can be directly guided to the treatment zone. The aim of the project is to investigate the production pathways and the role of the CO molecule during the plasma treatment of biological material. Possible synergism of CO and plasma-produced species such as electric fields, ions and electrons, photons and other neutral radicals are analysed.

In detail, several exchange visits from both labs were made. In July, Jun.-Prof. Judith Golda, Dr. Laura Chauvet and Daniel Henze from the CRC 1316 we- re guests in the laboratory of Prof. Claire Douat at the GREMI in Orléans. In a joint measurement campaign, two different atmospheric pressure plasma jets we- re being tested. They measured the production of CO at different operating conditions with a gas analyser.

In October, directly after the Plasma School in Bad Honneff, Eloise Mestre visited the PIP group. The second measurement campaign focused on the measurement of plasma-produced CO in an kHz jet source using mass spectrometry.

Finally, Jun.-Prof. Judith Golda and Dr. Sebastian Bur- henn stayed in the laboratory of Prof. Claire Douat at the GREMI in Orléans for a joint research campaign in November again. This time, the work was focused on the measurement of plasma-produced carbon monoxide affecting human hemoglobin.