Research Department Plasmas with Complex Interactions

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New concept was introduced in the plasma workshop of the project week

The project week for students at Ruhr University Bochum in grade 8 and 9 is a educational offer of the CRC 1316, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy from RUB and is greatly supported by zdi. From 4th to 7th October, the project week took place with four workshops hosting over 60 high school students.

The concept of the plasma workshop “From plasma to gold coating” was adapted according to feedback from students and workshop leaders from the last years. The focus of the topics was shifted from theoretical work towards application-based discussions with exercises to practice and apply newly gained knowledge. The focus has been set to enable the students to plan and execute their research as well as analyse the data and present their findings creatively and self-determined. The workshop leaders and material should guide through the workshop, offering the students a democratic say in the concrete design of the week.

To adapt the material to modern standards and the vast digital resources available for students online, the project guide now includes online resources that can be used for better understanding or diving deeper into different topics by using the QR codes to access articles and videos. In the future, this guide can also be used with and on tablets and as a digital version, enhancing the interactivity and individualisation of the learning process of the students even further.