Overhead funds

Funding Measures by the RD Plasma from its Overhead Share

The 10% overhead devoted to the RD Plasma is intended to be spent to support the strategic goals of the RD. These goals are mainly to gain visibility for plasma science, to support scientific communication and to provide assistance for the acquisition of third party funding. The spending is separated into a base budget for permanent obligations and to a specific budget that is distributed in the framework of yearly calls.
The available balance from the overhead is typically 25,000 € per year from different sources. The spending of the specific support should reflect the sources of income as long as strategic goals of the RD are being pursued. The spending via specific calls should follow the principle of a matching fund in general.

Please send your proposal for support of different measures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Call for conference support

You can apply for financial support for self-organized conferences at RUB. The following information has to be provided in the request and the following conditions apply:
•    Support is 3000€ at max. per event
•    Please describe how this conference enhanced the visibility of plasma research at RUB
•    The conference chair person needs to be a PI of the RD plasma
•    A summary of the conference scope
•    An estimation of the financial budget

Call for infrastructure support

Partial financial support for infrastructure that is used in the framework of the shared lab of the RD plasma can be requested. The following constraints apply and information need to be provided in the request:
•    The infrastructure need to be made available to all PIs of the RD plasma
•    A system of user fees that can be charged to third party projects has to exist
•    A breakdown of the costs in terms of income by the user fees with respect to the running costs has to be provided
•    The support is limited to 5000 EUR p.a.
•    The support is also a matching fund of at max 50% of the cost that is already being covered by the group hosting that infrastructure.

Call for travel support for early career scientists

Financial support can be granted for early career scientists to invite guests, or for travel. The following constraints apply and information need to be provided in the request:
•    Aim of the travel and length of a stay.
•    Estimate of the costs incurred must be listed. 
•    50 % matching funds need to be provided from another funding sources.
•    The maximum support is 2000 € per travel.
•    If funding beyond the matching fund of 50% is requested, you need to provide further detailed information why this would be necessary (e.g. in the case of junior research groups).