FACULTY OF Physics and Astronomy


The research of the chair “Theoretical Physics IV: Plasma-Astroparticle Physics” is focused on the theoretical de-scription of particle interactions and transport in astrophysica, magnetized plasmas. By solving the transport equation in the diffusive propagation regime, or the equation of motion in the ballistic regime, we aim to describe the multimessenger signatures from astrophysical objects like active or starburst galaxies, supernova remnants, and the Milky Way. A special focus lies in the interpretation of high-energy gamma-ray and neutrino signatures, with a participation in the instrumentation, operation, and data analysis of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), being built in La Palma and Chile, to measure TeV gamma-rays, as well as the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, lo-cated deep in the Antarctic Ice at the geographic South Pole. In our work, we use and develop numerical solvers of differential equations and apply machine learning methods to large data sets.

Keywords: high-energy plasma-astrophysics, diffusive particle propagation, collisionless plasmas, machine learning, differential equations

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