FACULTY OF Physics and Astronomy


The main interests of TP I are, on the one side, the development of multiphysics/multiscale simulations of colli-sionless plasmas and, on the other side, the understanding of intermittency in turbulent fluids and plasmas using non-perturbative methods. The first topic addresses the occurrence of multiple temporal and spatial scales in collisionless fusion, space, and astrophysical plasmas, which require different physical models at different scales. These models range from magnetohydrodynamics/Ohm's law (on large scales), two fluids/Maxwell to a kinetic description using the Vlasov/Maxwell system. The specialty of our group is the development of multiphys-ics/multiscale simulations that adaptively decide in which spatial region which model is appropriate, as well as coupled simulations of these different models. In the latter area, our group focuses on the non-perturbative in-stanton calculus to develop approximations to the path integral formulation of turbulence.

Keywords: multiphysics/multiscale simulations, MHD, Vlasov, turbulence and instantons, intermittency

Webpage: Theoretical Physics I