FACULTY OF Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Marc Böke, Chair of Experimental Physics II

Foto: Damian Gorczany

Main research topics are reactive plasmas, plasma chemistry and the interaction with surfaces. The non-equilibrium character of plasmas is exploited. In the case of low temperature plasmas, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition is addressed, e.g. for barrier coatings and coatings on membranes to tailor the diffusion through such systems. Another example is the deposition of thermal barrier coatings on metallic substrate. In the case of atmospheric pressure plasmas, several topics are addressed: from methane pyrolysis in thermal plasmas to plas-ma catalysis in microplasma array devices. The reactive particles generated by a plasma jet (COST reference jet) are combined with laser surface structuring to generate micro-structured to tune the catalytic performance of these surfaces. Diagnostics are laser fluorescence and absorption techniques, electrical diagnostics, and plasma spectroscopy.

Keywords: reactive plasmas, plasma chemistry, rf plasma sources, plasma diagnostics, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, microplasmas, barrier coatings

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