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27.09.2018 - Photonik-Akademie at Ruhr-Univesität Bochum and INP Greifswald

From 9 to 14 September, 29 MINT students from Germany and Switzerland were introduced to the application potential of plasma technology. The trip went to the laboratories of the Ruhr University Bochum, the INP Greifswald and the Dortmunder OberflächenCentrum "DOC", to the Fraunhofer IWS project group located there and to Cortronik GmbH in Rostock, an industrial partner. 

This year, the joint academy of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the photonics industry was hosted by the Chair of General Electrical Engineering and Plasma Technology of the Ruhr University Bochum and the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology e. V. in Greifswald. 

For the students, the schedule was filled to the brim with information and exciting excursions. "I am very grateful for this eventful week," says Academy participant Ediz Herkert, who is studying photonic engineering in the Master's program at the University of Stuttgart. "On the one hand, we got to know the different areas in which plasma technology is used. On the other hand, we had the opportunity to establish contacts with companies and research institutions. The group of participants has also grown into a community during this week. "

Junior Scientists

15.10.2018 - International School on Plasma Physics

The 21st International School on Low Temperature Plasma Physics started in Bad Honnef. The School is attended by 68 students from 14 nations. The success of hand-on workshop from the last summer school was repeated. This year, Volker Schulz-von der Gathen also prepared an intensive workshop, in which students could experience practical challenges in spectroscopy.

The scientific Chairmen were Olivier Guiatella and Anne Bourdon from CNRS/LPP in France.

At Friday, 11th October the Master Class with the title Electronegative plasmas took place with 31 participants.




Junior Scientists

11.12.2017 - RUB PhD students at WELTPP

At the end of November, the 20th WELTPP took place in the old convent Rolduc in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. The scientific program was made up of five oral and two poster sessions which covered various topics in the field of low temperature plasma physics with a good balance of theoretical and experimental works. The very interested audience -mostly young researchers - led to a lot of good questions after the talks and fruitful discussions during the poster sessions.
Besides the scientific part, the programm was rounded by good food and a guided tour through the old Abbey. For me it was a great pleasure to take part in this workhop and for next year I recommend it for every young researcher in this field.


Junior Scientists

8.10.2017 International School on Plasma Physics started

The 21st International School on Low Temperature Plasma Physics started in Bad Honnef. The School is attended by 65 students from 16 nations. 22 teachers from all over the world talk about basics and forefront plasma physics during the 5 days of the Plasma School.

The scientific Chairmen are Olivier Guiatella and Anne Bourdon from CNRS/LPP in France.

At Friday, 12th October the Master Class with the title New approaches for plasma/surface interaction studies will take place.






19.04.2017 - RAPID workshop in Eindhoven

The workshop with the focus on "Process technology from Nano-Scale to Large-scale" and "Emerging concepts in diagnostics and modellingof the EU programm RAPID was between April 11th and 13th, 2017 at the Eindhoven University of Technlogy.

In sum 15 contributions were presented of researchers of different fields, from PhD students to well-known professors. In between the sessions, discussions about different research topics and the lab tour helped the workshop to reach its successfulness.

The Bochum group with three participants from the Research Department Plasmas with Complex Interactions could welcome a former member of the group, Dr. Gina Oberbossel. She was one of the presenter at the workshop and visited the labs in Bochum previously to the workshop.