Guests Inorganic Materials Chemistry- Prof. Devi


02.05.2013 - GAST: PROF. DR. OLA NILSEN

Im Rahmen des "Anorganisch-Chemischen Kolloquiums" wird Prof. Dr. Ola Nilsen vom Dept. of Chemistry der University of Oslo Norwegen am 8.5.2013 ab 9:00 Uhr ├╝ber "Constructing complex oxides by ALD" sprechen (Kernh├Ârsaal NC 3/99).

Abstrac: The atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique can be used to construct thin films of numerous different types of binary oxides with surprisingly good quality. These oxides grow through self-limiting chemical reactions between the vapour phase and the available surfaces. When such binary processes are combined, several new effects may occur which may enhance or retard the processes since the surface chemistry is altered. The current talk will elaborate on experiences in deposition of multicomponent materials and show that what one first may believe is an obstacle, might be to your advantage.

Prof. Dr. Ola Nilsen