Am 24.03.2015 wird Dr. Sven Zimmermann von der TU Chemnitz bzw. vom Fraunhofer-Institut für Elektronische Nanosysteme im Rahmen des Fakultätskolloquiums (Eletrotechnik und Informationstechnik) einen Vortrag in ID 04/401 halten. Der Titel ist "28 nm Technologies and Beyond: Challenges of Plasma Processing". Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen.
Dr. Sven Zimmermann ist zu Gast bei PD Dr. Thomas Mussenbrock (TET).

Kolloquiumsvortrag Sven Zimmermann

ABSTRACT: Plasma patterning processes play a key role in modern ULSI device fabrication. With further
scaling of device dimensions plasma process characteristics become more and more the
limiting factor in pattern minimization not least due parasitic effects caused by different plasma properties. Such effects are notching, footing and source/drain destruction during high-k/metal-gate patterning as well as the most critical sidewall damage while etching trenches an
d vias in back-end of line technologies for ultra low-k dielectrics. Finally the charge
damage of thin gate oxides during plasma processing results in decreased reliability and function
ality of completed devices. The lecture overviews typical challenges during plasma patterning processes in 28 nm and 22 nm technology nodes by means of today’s back-end of line integration schemes. Different plasma diagnostic methods give an insight into physical and chemical conditions
of different etch chambers and their influence on process results and damaging behavior.
Finally a plasma assisted chemical repair process for etch damaged ultra low-k sidewalls will
be introduced. This process bases on the fragmentation of different organosilicon molecules using in a downstream plasma chamber, whereby significantly enhanced repair efficiency can be achieved.