Joined conferences

Plasma Physics

05.07.2017 - Carles Corbella at CIP conference

Jan Benedikt, Dennis Engel, Denis Eremin, Ante Hecimovic and Carles Corbella (image) participated at the joint conference CIP-MIATEC 2017, which took place during June 26-30 in Nice, France.

Plasma processing of materials was the main topic of the meeting. These participants contributed with oral and poster presentations to disseminate the activities related to the collaborative research centre SFB-TR 87.



Plasma Physics

30.06.2017 - EXB Plasmas for Space and Industrial Applications

From June 21st until 23rd, 2017 the annual meeting EXB Plasmas for Space and Industrial Applications took place in Touluse, France. The focus was on the transport of charged particles within magnetic fields. The knowledge, optics, diagnostics, theory, and simulations were discussed within the presentations.

Prof. Achim von Keudell from the Research Department Plasmas with Complex Interactions joined this event of about 40 scientists.


27.06.2017 - HIPIMS conference in Braunschweig

On June 13th and 14th, 2017, the annual HIPIMS conference took place in Braunschweig. Since eight years, the two-day conference offers scientists as well as industrial operators to discuss physcial questions of pulsed high power impulse magnetron discharges. The place of conference changes every year between the Sheffield Hallam University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films.

Julian Held, Vincent Layes, Wolfgang Breilmann from the RUB were joining this conferene contributing one oral presentation and one poster.

Plasma Diagnostics


The 2nd European conference on plasma diagnostics was located this year in Bordeaux. The conference is an biennial event. Scientists from low temperature and industrial plasmas, inertial fusion, magnetic confinement fusion, beam plasmas,  as well as astrophysical scientists 

It took place from April 18th until 21th, 2017. Prof. von Keudell gave an invited overview lecture with the title "Physics and Diagnostics of Non-equilibrium Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas".


15.03.2017 - DPG Bremen

Die Frühjahrstagung der DPG findet dieses Jahr vom 13.-16. März in Bremen statt, wo sich Wissenschaftler aus der Plasmaphysik, Materie und Kosmos, Kurzzeitphysik, Umweltphysik austauschen können. Das Research Department Plasmas with Complex Interactions ist auf der DPG durch Vorträge und Poster von Studenten sowie PIs vertreten.





Vorträge wurden gehalten von:

  • Astrophysikalische MHD-Schockstrukturen am Beispiel von λ Cephei 
        Lennart Robin Baalmann
  • An improved analytical model of the local interstellar magnetic field: The extension to compressibility
        Jens KleimannChristian Röken, and Horst Fichtner
  • Linear Disturbances in the Local Interstellar Medium: The Plasma-Gas Interaction in the Two-Fluid Approximation 
        Lukas Westrich
  • Semi-Analytical Calculation of Interplanetary Magnetic Field Configurations 
        Sophie Aerdker
  • Coronal active region modelling based on SDO data
        Stephan Barra
  • A generalized two-component model of solar wind turbulence
        Horst FichtnerTobias Wiengarten, Sean Oughton, Eugene Engelbrecht, Jens Kleimann, and Klaus Scherer
  • How hot is the heliosheath? 
        Klaus Scherer, Hans-Jörg Fahr, Horst FichtnerAdama Sylla, and John Richardson

Durch Poster vertreten:

  • Deposition of SiOx coatings by means of inductively coupled plasma 
        Markus BrochhagenVincent LayesMarc Böke, and Jan Benedikt
  • Argon Implantation in Composite Magnetron Targets 
        Sascha Monje and Vincent Layes
  • Investigation of Microarray Plasmas with an adjacent dielecric 
        Sebastian Dzikowski, Ronan Michaud, Remi Dussart, and Volker Schulz-von der Gathen
  • Correlation of spatially resolved in-vacuum XPS characterisation and optical diagnostics for composite magnetron targets in HiPIMS plasma
        Vincent LayesSascha MonjéCarles CorbellaVolker Schulz-von der GathenAchim von Keudell, and Teresa de los Arcos
  • Deposition of a-C:H layers using an atmospheric pressure He/Acetylene plasma jet 
        Theresa Urbanietz, Katja Rügner, Gert WillemsAchim von Keudell, and Jan Benedikt
  • Broadening and shift of optical emission lines in a high power impulse magnetron sputtering discharge
        Julian Held, Ante Hecimovic, and Volker Schulz-von der Gathen
  • Investigations on the dynamics of non-reactive and reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering plasmas
        Katharina GrosseWolfgang BreilmannChristian MaszlJan Benedikt, and Achim von Keudell
  • Electron dynamics in magnetized technological plasmas: A kinetic description 
        Ralf Peter Brinkmann and Dennis Krüger