Plathinium conference in Antibes

Several projects from the Coordinated Research Centers CRC 1316 and SFB-TR 87 presented their research at the 1st Plathinium Conference (September 16th until September 20th) in Antibes. This conference is a newly combined meeting of the former French vacuum congress, the French assembly on magnetron sputtering and thin films as well as the French conference on ion beam techniques. The PhD students Sascha Monje-Thiemann, Julian Held and Dennis Engels presented their work on low pressure magnetized plasmas in the poster session. Christian Hoppe gave an oral contribution on defects in SiOx coatings. Achim von Keudell presented a plenary lecture on atmospheric pressure plasma chemistry and contributed with a tutorial on fundamentals of plasmas to a workshop preceding the meeting. Achim von Keudell was also elected to become the chair of the 2nd Plathinium conference in 2021.